OG Murder Nova Possible No Prep Kings Outing on Future NPK Races!!!

Take a look at this, OG Murder Nova Possible No Prep Kings Outing on Future NPK Races!!!

While many may say that Shawn Murder Nova Ellington has been on a big downward spiral after they have decided to separate from Big Chief, we still think that things are not as bad as they seem.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that for the America’s List, Shawn decided to follow Ryan Martin and Daddy Dave into their new ventures and had turned the OG Murder Nova into a procharged monster that delivered a huge amount of power to the wheels.

During testing, we remember when Phantom drove the car and how fast it was and that to date it was one of the best passes that the car had made.

When the car first came out after the change it made some incredibly fast passes and if you remember during the race your way in, he managed to beat Body and we all know that Body’s combination is extremely fast, nearly as fast as Daddy Dave’s.

So why are they having huge problems during the NPK?

Well, that is a truly complex question because, on one hand, we all know that Ryan Martin has (although silently) taken over the leadership of the 405 and his knowledge has been shared with all the rest of the guys from the team.

Sharing data is one of the most important things these days, and this is what has helped Daddy Dave shine and win two Great 8 races so far, thanks to Javy and Ryan.

This would mean that the OG Murder Nova can be much faster and basically a better car than the NPK car that Shawn has if he gets the much-needed help from Daddy Dave and Ryan Martin, he might actually turn things around with it.

So let’s play the video and see what the famous YouTube Channel Street Outlaws No Prep Talk, has to say on the subject.

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