About Street Outlaws Star JJ Da Boss Car Accident!!

Take a look at this, About Street Outlaws Star JJ Da Boss Car Accident!!

People involved in motorsport have repeated this not once, not twice, but a million times.

Motorsport is dangerous.

They have repeated this mantra so many times, that the British have started selling T-Shirts and stickers.

No matter where or how you are racing a motorized vehicle, there is always the looming danger of injury.

However, once you start doing this outside the track, the dangers increase along with the speed of the vehicle, and as we all know, these “street cars” have been getting faster and faster with each and every passing season.

Today’s subject is once again the terrible accident that the Memphis crew had to go thru on this season of America’s List when JJ Da Boss and his wife crashed into each other after going across the finish line.

As many of you know by now, an oil spill caused a fire inside JJ’s car and in the confusion, he swerved and hit Tricia’s car pushing it into the staff cars that were parked to absorb the impact in the concrete barrier.

This terrible accident left Tricia with quite a few injuries while JJ has some severe burns to his face and hands.

In their case, you can say that they were lucky to be alive, and they are only because of the safety gear doing its job and saving their lives in these terrible crashes that left them shaken and stirred.

The video also focuses on quite a few more accidents that had left us speechless with only hopes that both drivers are ok for a few minutes while we wait for them to get out of their vehicles, like the terrible crash that Bryan “Chucky” Davis and Big Chief had back in the day when Chucky crashed into Chief’s car causing it to roll for what seemed like ages.

So check out this video and remember to always be safe behind the wheel.

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