Street Outlaws Endgame RACE NIGHT Murder Nova vs Ryan Martin!!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Endgame RACE NIGHT Murder Nova vs Ryan Martin!!!!

As incredible as it may sound, for the first time we are seeing a different Ryan Martin.

Usually, this is the guy that climbs lists and gets to the top of the competition and he knows that most of the time he has the fastest car on the property, be it the famous red Fireball Camaro, or the gray NPK Fireball Camaro.

Both of his cars are usually at the top wherever they show up and he has the confidence that comes with all the hard work he has put into his vehicles.

Don’t get us wrong, his car had tons of work put into it this time as well, however, it appears that this time the 405 have brought knives to a gunfight and this is why he and Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington have three losses each on the tally.

While their cars may not need any attention after each “lap” they do racing, and are capable of driving all the way home if needed, that is not the best scenario for racing and the rest of these cars have focused on getting to the finish line fast.

Kye Kelley’s car has to be hooked up to a charger and cooled down after each round, and while that may not be the best recipe for a street car, it is a great recipe for a race car that is able to go down the road faster than the guys from the 405.

All they are left with is of course the so-called crumbs from race night and all the 405 racers can do is try to see who has the slowest car out of the five that have been entered in the Street Outlaws Endgame competition. The best that they can hope for now is that some of these race cars break down so they can get a win out here, so let’s check it out. 

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