Chevy Chicks 1973 LSX Camaro Pro-Touring Build!!!

Take a look at this Chevy Chicks 1973 LSX Camaro Pro-Touring Build!!!

Let’s take a ride with Laura and her 1973 Olive Camaro.

Believe it or not, a few years back when Laura bought this Camaro, the first thing that she realized that the car needed is more power.

Sounds familiar?

Just like many of us car lovers out there, Laura thought that more power could not hurt the car, especially at the next stop light where somebody is about to get embarrassed by a girl in a Camaro.

The other thing that you might not expect a girl to say is that she wants her car to be as loud as possible and she wanted her neighbors to know when she is starting the Camaro.

So of course she opted for the cutout exhaust and now she can arm the alarm systems of the cars in her entire neighborhood.

For some might be normal however, some might consider the fact that Laura knows all her numbers about her car a surprise.

Ask her about her wheels and tires, or even the rear end, this girl is able to tell you all that has been put in her ride as well as the size of it.

From custom cup holders that have been made especially for her in order to be able to fit a Starbucks cup all the way to a digital gauge cluster that looks like the best analog out there, Laura has it all in her beautiful 1973 Camaro.

The upgrades do not end there as you would expect so as expected, the brakes, the engine, the suspension, everything has been upgraded and that provides for one amazing ride that has the host grinning from ear to ear during the test drive.

So check out this great video and find out much more about Lara’s Camaro and how amazing it just is.

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