Chuck Seitsinger at Firebird Raceway!!

Take a look at this, Chuck Seitsinger at Firebird Raceway!!

Today we are headed to the Boise metropolitan area, where near Eagle, Idaho the famous Firebird

Raceway has been welcoming racers and spectators for more than half a century.

These days, the Firebird Raceway has been welcoming the No Prep Kings Championship and amongst

the many other racers, we have Chuck Seitsinger and he apparently gets a very strange request from

one of his fans.

You see, one of the die-hard fans of No Prep Kings and Street Outlaws, in general, asked Chuck to punch

him in the face. While this might not sound like a normal request, it is explained that the gentleman has

been drinking since morning and thinks that this is a great idea, to get punched in the face by no other

than the guy that often starts fights at street races.

While Chuck not so gracefully declined the offer, he could not decline the race between him and Boddie.

While Boddie’s car has been making some truly amazing passes, we have to remember that Chuck’s No

Prep Kings car, The Second Amendment has also made some great passes on the track.

Additionally, we get to see some grudge racing, as Ryan Martin races the gray Fireball Camaro against

Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington.

The video also features a great race between other two friends, Chuck Seistinger and Shawn Murder

Nova, a race that we have usually watched on the list racing series of the 405 held on the streets, but

this time we get to see these cars in action at the track, and this is a whole different playing field where

anything can happen.

While these guys are teammates, we have to remember that these guys are all looking out for

themselves when it comes to grabbing more points towards the championship, so as they say when they

get on that line and start the staging process, the friendship is put on pause, so check out these great races, and enjoy.

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