JJ Da Boss Gets a Beat Up Chevy Nova Racing Again

Take a look at this, JJ Da Boss Gets a Beat Up Chevy Nova Racing Again.

As you may or may not remember, for the Street Outlaws Endgame show, Ryan Martin, JJ Da Boss,

Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington, Kye Kelley, and Larry “Axman” Roach agreed to leave their race cars in

the garage and do something else for a change.

The “something else” that they had in mind was building a real street car, one that can go cruising down

the Las Vegas boulevard and get some racing done once the sun went down in the valley.

The rules were simple and rules were simple, so these guys went to work.

While Kye Kelley scrapped two different cars that he was going to build, JJ did not have the luxury to do

so and he decided to try for a real barn find Chevy Nova, which has been off the road for quite a while.

However, the owner of the barn find Nova had something else in mind when it came to the price tag so

these two started throwing around some numbers.

For quite a while there it seemed that neither JJ nor the owner is going to give in so the Memphis crew

started walking out of that barn with no car in tow, and were already discussing the other options that

they will need to exploit in order to get a car for the Street Outlaws Endgame competition.

Of course, the owner is trying to get as much as he can for the Chevy Nova but then again, we all know

that JJ is no fool and he will never pay more than what the car is worth since he knows quite a lot about

these cars and has been working on quite a few of them over the years.

So check out this video and see what happens next to the little Chevy Nova as JJ and his family get their

hands on it.

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