Jeff Lutz’s FIRST EVER WIN Against Big Chief!

Take a look at this, Jeff Lutz’s FIRST EVER WIN Against Big Chief! 

For today’s video, we are headed for Chicago where the 405 guys are about to go head to head in order

to determine who is going to be representing their team during America’s List.

The reason that these guys are all in Chicago is the grudge race that the fastest drivers from the Windy

City challenged them to and after successfully dominating the competition the Oklahoma racers decided

to stay a few days extra and get some racing done on this road.

During the grudge races, we saw that this road came around pretty quickly and the 405 guys were able

to put more and more power down with each race which is very good news for the race that we are

about to watch.

This race is being held soon after Jeff Lutz crashed the popular Chevy 57 so in order to get back out

there and try for America’s List, Jeff decided to bring out his No Prep Kings track car, the GTO, and try if

he force it down the streets of Chicago

On the other hand, the other Pontiac that is in the race with Big Chief behind the wheel is the very

famous Crow that has been down all sorts of streets as well as tracks all over the country and has beaten

nearly every car on the 405 list at some point in time.

At the moment, Jeff Lutz has a score of 3-6 while Big Chief is sitting at the starting line trying to get his 5-

3 score up in order to secure his spot on the team that gets to represent the 405 at America’s List, a race

that Jeff Lutz missed out on last year and would love to get to this year.

So as always check out this great race and see who will get the win as they fly by the finish line.

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