Jeff Lutz’s New Car and The Return of Pro mods to No Prep Kings!!

Check this, Jeff Lutz’s New Car and The Return of Pro mods to No Prep Kings!! 

Once again we have Sim telling us all there is to know about the newest trends in the No Prep Kings, and they are fun.

First of all, he brings the discussion of the times, and should they start posting them, or to be more precise, should they turn on the clocks at the track?

For the most part all racers do know what their opponent is capable and if you have watched the championship you have herd them talk about how the opponent’s car is capable of pulling a 4.2 second pass or whatever the actual time is.

So would it be better if us, the audience could see the times after each pass, and see how close the actual race that just finished was, or would this kill the excitement of the race due to the fact that we would know the best times that the car can do in advance?

Check out the video and see what else he talks about and get back to us about the times thing in the comments.

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