Crazy Street Racing Crash !!!

Check this, Crazy Street Racing Crash !!!

All that talk about Dominator going HEMI on the list is getting some attention and it seems that many are interested about how the HEMI is going to perform when it comes to street racing for the 405’s famous list.

Yes, the theory stands that after changing the setup, Dom might be able to get further up the list than before but at the same time, will that be enough to cause a chain reaction, making many of the other racers from the 405 to go HEMI as well, in order to keep up.

We saw something like this in the No Prep Kings Championship, after the Musi team decided to use the lockup, causing Ryan Martin and many others to start using it in order to keep up with them.

So to hear about this and many other news in the Street Racing world, join Sim in his latest video explaining all there is to know about street racing.

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