Jeff Lutz’s New Car for Next Season No Prep Kings!!

Take a look at this, Jeff Lutz’s New Car for Next Season No Prep Kings!!

Once again Sim has a bunch of topics that he is trying to cover on video and try and explain why stuff is or is not happening these days and to some racers.

One of the topics is Doc and the possibility of him having a different power adder than the Nitrous that he has been using.

If you missed it, Doc is building a new car, but he has not told the public yet about the power adder that he will be using in the new ride. This is not something that can be changed overnight since there will be a steep learning curve if he chooses to change the nitrous setup.

Also Kye Kelley is in the news these days and rumors are that he will be running a blower this year, something that we were all surprised to hear, however Kye has still to confirm this rumor and tell us what kind of motor he will be using next year.

Check out what else is spinning the rumor mill these days out in Sim’s video bellow.

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