LS6 Chevelle Hoarder Let Patrick See in His Garage!!!

Check this amazing moment, LS6 Chevelle Hoarder Let Patrick See in His Garage!!!

For most part people talk about hoarding like it is a bad thing and while many times this is true, there are times when this can only mean good things and this appears to be one of those times, since there is nothing wrong that we can see in this hoarder’s garage, except for the fact that it is not us who own it.

This guy owns not one, not two but four big block Chevelles and all of them are looking very, very clean and today he called in an expert to check them out and authenticate the tuxedo black LS6 Chevelle.

There are many guys that know their American Classic Muscle cars however by far our favorite is Patrick Nichols and as many times before, today we are leaving you in his capable hands and letting him take you on a walk around which will give you all the info about these cars that you need to know, so sit back and enjoy the video.


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