Jerry Monza’s Insane Crash During Street Outlaws Filming!

Check this, Jerry Monza’s Insane Crash During Street Outlaws Filming!

It’s never a good day when a car crashes, but when a car crashes after the finish line, then folks it’s just a terrible day, since we all know that these vehicles reach incredible speeds at the finish line and a crash at those speeds is never insignificant.

So let us assure you that Jerry Monza is fine, and once again he managed to walk away with just a few sore parts of his body (we’d rather have him tell you which) and as he said, he spent the money the right way, since although that safety equipment is expensive, his safety has no price.

As always his friends were quick to show up at the crash site and they were all very relieved to see him unharmed as to what caused the accident, well will have to wait a bit more to find that out.
Check out this video and let is serve as a reminder of how dangerous motorsport is.

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