Jesse James: Why I Won’t Make a Bike for Sylvester Stallone!

Jesse James says: Why I Won’t Make a Bike for Sylvester Stallone!

He need no introduction whatsoever since Jesse has made bikes for the entire celebrity elite, and nearly every wrestler out there since as he puts it, it was kind of a rite of passage for the wrestler to own a bike built by him a few years back.

His bikes were so popular that he head people waiting in line, and at one point, the front man of Limp Biscuits, Fred Durst wanted to buy a bike but cut in line, and this guy turned him down, which is not something that celebrities are used to apparently.

Even Sylvester Stallone’s manager got turned down, and you would think that after receiving a call from Sylvester himself Jesse would soften up and decide to build one for “Rocky” but no, he decided against it, and to find out why, we will let you watch the video and here it from the man himself.

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