Jet Ski Pump Explodes, Flips Over At 100 MPH & Sinks!!!

Take a look at this, Jet Ski Pump Explodes, Flips Over At 100 MPH & Sinks!!!

One of the best times you can have on water is riding a jet ski.

These machines are extremely powerful and maneuverable and can put down some serious performance in water.

The one in question here is a Yamaha FZR which is capable of hitting 100 mph in water, and that is some serious speed.

Unlike a vehicle on paved roads, this thing has many restrictions when it comes to speed, and the worst one appears to have played a role here.

At top speed, these things can cause too much water to enter the pump thus not allowing the jet ski to keep accelerating, meaning it puts too much stress on the pump itself.

This causes the vessel to slow down and sometimes even causes the pump to crack or explode, just like it did in this video.

Luckily the rider recognized the danger of moving at speeds greater than 100mph on water so he wears a helmet, and gets away with just a broken wrist.

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