OLD SCHOOL Wheel Standing Championships at Byron Dragway!!!

Check this, OLD SCHOOL Wheel Standing Championships at Byron Dragway!!!

When you go drag racing there are many things that you are trying to avoid, and one of them is the wheelstand which is fought by placing the popular wheelie bars.

This helps the car keep the front wheels on the ground thus making sure that you have the ability to keep steering the car and keep it out of the wall and the opponents lane.

There is however guys that not only lake pulling wheelies but also managed to make an entire championship out of it and that is where we are taking you today.

Byron Dragway is the location where this great video was filmed, and today we have a bunch of competitors which know how to pull some awesome wheelstands.

Most of the vehicles have been adapted in order to perform better at this competition, however there are a few of them that are just regular fast cars, which are capable of performing this cool trick, so check out the video and tell us which one did you like best.

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