John Odom Trick Robin Roberts on Their Last No Prep Kings Race!

Take a look at this, John Odom Trick Robin Roberts on Their Last No Prep Kings Race!

Before we start talking about the video, we believe we have to give you some context as to why these guys are saying what they are saying about Robin Roberts.

You see, last season Robin Roberts was racing the winner of the Mega Cash Days, Brandon James, and after losing the race, Robin pressured Brandon and told him that if he goes across the scales after the race, they cannot be friends anymore.

Since not crossing the scales would mean an automatic disqualification for Brandon James, he basically asked him to give him the win if he wants to stay friends with him, something that we have not seen any other No Prep Kings driver do.

As you would expect, the internet went crazy over this and many have attacked Robin Roberts for his behavior.

Now that you are all caught up, let’s talk about what happens in this video from the Tucson Dragway event.

As both blue cars sit right next to each other, Robin Roberts lights the first bulb and since his engine is powered by a twin-turbo setup, you would expect him to start building boost. Odom in his screw-blown Nissan GTR gives him about five seconds before he goes in and lights both bulbs, just like many other racers do.

As a matter of fact, we have had Kye Kelley do this to other drivers in turbo cars in order to get them to panic.

Knowing that there are seven seconds to build boos and light the top bulb, nearly none of the more experienced drivers get fazed by this, however, it looks like Robin panicked and messed up the entire staging procedure.

This resulted in him turning on the red light which basically gave the win to Odom before his light even turned green.

After the race, Robin has something to say about this, check it out.

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