Chevy Nova Showing Off with Burnout ends Horrible!

Take a look at this, Chevy Nova Showing Off with Burnout ends Horrible!

When leaving any sort of car meet, many of the drivers that showed up in powerful cars try to show off to the spectators as well as other drivers what their car can do and how well they are able to control the huge amount of power that their vehicle has.

For most of the time at least.

The other situations are the ones that occur from putting too much power under the hood and not being able to match that power with the appropriate skill and talent.

As the title has already informed you, today we have a video of the second sort, where the driver has way too much car under his control and while trying to perform a spectacular burnout, he runs out of talent and ends up with the car rolled on the roof.

It all starts with a nice burnout that has the tires spinning and smoking for the pleasure of the spectators and it was all going fine and well until the car started getting sideways. Maybe, that was the exact time that he should have stopped the burnout and driven away with his car as well as his ego intact.

However, he felt that he has things under control and boy was he wrong.

By the looks of the car and the roll cage (as well as the first part of the video), it seemed that he knows what he is doing and this was not going to be as bad. The ditch on the side of the road, however, was a different thing since once he was off the road it was clear that he is in trouble and this will be an expensive crash.

So check out this terrible crash and see a great-looking Nova get destroyed in an effort to impress the crowd.

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