Jeff Lutz finally blew the dust off The Civic for Mega Cash Days!!

Take a look at this, Jeff Lutz finally blew the dust off The Civic for Mega Cash Days!!

As more and more racers gather in California for the popular Mega Cash Days small tire race that Boosted has organized, we are here to bring you the cars that are headed, or more or less arrived at the filming location, and today we have something special for you.

While some have already seen it on different shows, we are here to tell you that the Lutz family has an amazing Honda Civic that exactly fits the rules that Chris “Boosted” Hamilton has put in place for this year’s Small Tire Mega Cash Days.

The black Civic is powered by a small block Vinson Racing Engines V-8, that takes huge gulps of air thanks to a Precision 118 mm single turbo, and while there are not many Civic owners that are able to say this, the Lutz team has had to take a lot of power out, in order for the car to be able to put the power down on the street.

Just like the last time, we are already hearing that the surface where the Mega Cash Days event is going to be held is one of the worst ones that these experienced racers have seen in a while, and that means that it is once again everybody’s game.

The bad surface means that this entire race will be won by whoever is able to turn down the power enough to make it down the street under full throttle without smoking the tires.

This gives the underdogs like Brandon James who won last time a much better chance, and we think that this is great news for the competition, because it will once again turn into a tuner’s game as they type away on the keyboard trying all they can to put the power down.

So check out the Civic that the Lutz family is hoping to win the race with and see what their chances look like.


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