Thoughts on the NPK Murder Nova getting Retired & OG Car Running No Prep Next Year!

Whats your Thoughts on the NPK Murder Nova getting Retired & OG Car Running No Prep Next Year!

It appears that once again Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington and Phantom have to make some difficult choices, regarding the car that Shawn is going to be driving during the next season of the No Prep Kings Championship.

In case you missed it during America’s List, Shawn was driving the OG Murder Nova and for that

street racing season it was powered by a Proline Hemi coupled to a Procharger and it was making huge amounts of power but it kept eating up blowers and breaking down.

After seeing the OG Murder Nova with this setup on the street, we thought that the new Murder Nova will have the same type of power plant in the quest of winning the No Prep Kings Championship, and boy were we wrong about that one.

It turned out that Shawn and his chief mechanic Phantom decided to step away from the Procharged combo that Daddy Dave and Ryan Martin were using, and go in the same direction that Chuck Seitsinger and Jeff Lutz were running, so they went twin-turbo.

This might have had something to do with the new rules that came out last year that had a significant drop of minimal weight for the twin-turbo setup cars compared to the weight increase of the cars that were running a Procharger.

Whatever the reason, we can all establish that they did not have stellar success with the new NPK Murder Nova so they have apparently decided to join the winning side, since Ryan Martin did manage to grab the third title in a row using the Proline-Procharger combo.

And instead of taking the engine out of the old car and putting it in the new Murder Nova, they went off the other option, take the OG out of retirement, and use it to make a run at the No Prep Kings Championship.

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