Worst Drag Racing Crashes And Explosions for this year!!

Take a look at this, Worst Drag Racing Crashes And Explosions for this year!!

We once again have a compilation of the craziest crashes and engine blowouts in this past year, however, the most important thing is that all of these bad situations that the drivers managed to get themselves in, occurred at the track, under the watchful eye of the entire safety crews, who are ready to deal with the worst situations.

This action-packed video covers nearly all of the classes that show up at the dragstrip and you are going to be able to see all types of street cars getting in trouble, as well as full-blown alcohol drag racing cars as they blow up their engines in the staging lane.

Yes, you read that correctly, some don’t even get to the burnout box before their engine and their mechanics are already in deep trouble as they blow up the engine during the warm-up.

One of the craziest explosions in this video happened at the starting line before the car was even able to start moving.

As the announcer tells us that we have a couple of Nitrous powered big blocks at the starting line, what looks like a fifty-five Chevy is having trouble getting off the line, only to have its scoop launched in the air by a huge misfire that spills fuel all over the place and fire starts engulfing the front end of the car. While we are watching all this, the only thing we could think of (knowing that there is plenty of fire marshals at the starting line to put out the fire) where has the scoop landed. The fact that it never landed in the few seconds of the coverage only attests to the size of the explosion that blew it off.

So check out this great video and see the craziest and most entertaining crashes and explosions of 2022 so far.

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