The Murder Nova is for Sale?!

Wait what, The Murder Nova is for Sale?!

The other day we told you about a switch that Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington is planning regarding the car that he is using to attack the No Prep Kings championship.

According to what we are hearing, the rumor was that he is going to stop using the newer car, the one dubbed the NPK Murder Nova, and he is going to drive the OG Murder Nova in the No Prep Kings Championship.

As we discussed, the OG Murder Nova is powered by the same combination that Ryan Martin and his friend Daddy Dave are running and this is why he thinks that he will have a better season than the last one.

While on a few occasions he managed to get some important wins for the 405 team, in reality, Shawn had a season that we are sure he would like to forget as soon as possible because of all the inconsistency of the NPK car as well as a few mistakes of his own.

We were expecting some changes to his program because of this since we all know that he is not the kind of racer that would be satisfied with being in the middle of the field when it came to points, but this news is surely interesting.

According to the famous YouTuber Sim, Shawn is going to put up the NPK Murder Nova for sale and like we already informed you, use the OG Murder Nova to try and get closer to the No Prep Kings Championship crown next year.

To find out more about this, as well as why there are rumors that Ryan Martin is going to get the original red Fireball Camaro ready for the No Prep Kings Championship next year alongside the gray one, play the video and let Sim tell you all about it.

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