JJ Da Boss Tricia vs Fast Foxbody Mustang in Cali!

Take a look at this, JJ Da Boss Tricia vs Fast Foxbody Mustang in Cali! 

We once again catch up with JJ Da Boss and the rest of his Memphis crew and it appears that they are in the middle of something that we always catch them doing, some street racing.

Memphis is one of the crews that answered Chris “Boosted” Hamilton’s challenge and drove all the way to the deserts of California to take part in the small tire Mega Cash Days event, along with the guys from the 405, Team Nola, Swan Gang and many other racers from the No Prep Kings Championship.

By the looks of things on the video, it appears that this race is not part of the event since instead of Boosted, we have JJ Da Boss himself flagging this race, while Trisha is trying to get to the finish line faster than the small tire Mustang in the lane next to her.

Understandably, these guys came here to race in the event, however, whenever you put such a huge number of racers and race cars in the same location well that is just the recipe for some real street racing because none of those guys brought their car there thinking that they have a slow car.

We are sure that almost all of the guys that showed up have the same goal in mind, win the entire event and collect the huge amount of cash that Boosted has brought as the grand prize. This of course means that all of these guys think they have the fastest car on the property and will do some grudge racing.

For some this would be nothing more than a test hit which will show them the data that these guys need, while for the Memphis crew, this is a great way to hustle some cash out of the pockets of the locals, so check out this race and see who gets to claim victory.

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