Nasty Chevelle Crash at Big Rim Super Bowl Test & Tune Night @ Florida Classic Weekend 2022

Take a look at this, Nasty Chevelle Crash at Big Rim Super Bowl Test & Tune Night @ Florida Classic Weekend 2022!

We are taking you to Orlando Speedworld Dragway so you guys can catch the best action from the Big Rim Super Bowl 2022 that was recently held there.

Since Saturday night is usually reserved for testing and tuning, these guys decided to spice things up with some grudge racing and a few side bets here and there.

One of the things that did manage to surprise us at this event is surely the number of Donks that showed up and went down the track at full power.

As the title informs us, however, not everything went smoothly for all the competitors and one of them caused some extensive damage after hitting the wall before passing the sixty-foot mark.

As we always tell you, the first and most important thing about this crash is the fact that the driver is uninjured and he was able to walk out of this terrible crash caused by something extremely unexpected by an inexperienced racer.

Believe it or not, the beautiful Chevelle ended up mangled up next to the wall because of wheel studs.

Yes, the owner spent good money to get that Chevelle as powerful as it is however it seems that he forgot to purchase some heavy-duty wheel studs and just kept using the regular ones that came with his car.

To make matters worse for the owner, after the wheel flew off the car and the car crashed into the wall, the wheel hit the car again destroying the door in the process, even though there was not even a scratch on the door from the accident.

This is why safety guidelines should always be followed when building a fast car because that way he would not have caused so much damage to the car over a $50 upgrade that is necessary once you start making some big power.

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