The Red Fireball Camaro switching to Screw Blower for No Prep Kings Season 6!

Take a look at this, The Red Fireball Camaro switching to Screw Blower for No Prep Kings Season 6!

As we get close to the finale of the No Prep Kings Championship, many of the racers are already looking into the next season and actively getting ready for it because the extremely close races that we have had this season are showing that the competition has gotten so serious that these guys cannot afford to start the new season unprepared.

Amongst the many rumors that we have heard there is one that keeps poking its head and getting our attention over and over again and it regards the original Fireball Camaro of Ryan Martin.

This season we have seen this car take part of America’s List and help Ryan Martin win the competition and prove that the red Fireball Camaro is the fastest street car in the country, and it did that with the Procharger Pro-Line combo that the gray Fireball Camaro is currently running.

Many say to never change a winning horse and it appears that this Procharger Pro-Line combo has proven to be the fastest combination out there, however, we all know that in order to stay on top you need to be ready for next season before everyone else.

All of this goes to show that the rumors that Ryan Martin and Javy are switching the red Fireball Camaro to a screw blower combo might be on to something since a change like that would mean that Ryan will have both combos ready at his disposal once the rulebook for the No Prep Kings Championship 2023 comes out at the beginning of the season.

Based on the results from last year, these rules add or remove weight to certain types of power adders making the competition as close as possible, and as fun as possible, so why don’t we watch the video and see what these rumors are about?

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