What Really Happened To Big Chief From Street Outlaws!?

What do you think, What Really Happened To Big Chief From Street Outlaws!?

Since the first season of the Street Outlaws show aired back in the day, the whole world started learning the names of a small group of racers from Oklahoma that called themselves the 405 teams.

These guys were racing on the streets to try and find out who has the fastest car in the 405 area code and who will end up on top of the list and be crowned the 405 King.

Back then there was a different bunch of racers and many of the guys that we all know now like Ryan Martin and Jeff Lutz were not even on the show, let alone at the top of the famous 405 list.

However, Justin “Big Chief” Sheerer was one of the guys that were friends with Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington, and these guys were out to get the crown that Daddy Dave had in position at the time.

After more street races than he or we could count, rumors came that Big Chief is not going to be a part of the next season of the Street Outlaws shows we have to admit, we could not believe this and we all dismissed it as just another rumor.

Information kept coming in from all sorts of sources and pretty soon everybody was starting to say that where there’s smoke there’s fire, and before we knew it the season of America’s List started with Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington taking over the race master duties that were reserved for Big Chief.

Right then and there, all the rumors were proven to be true and we realized that Big Chief will not be a part of the show that he worked so hard to build, America’s List.

There is much to be said about how it all got to that point so why don’t we play the video and find out more about these changes?

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