What Will Street Outlaws Star Kye Kelley do Next, Leaving Nitrous!?

Take a look at this, What Will Street Outlaws Star Kye Kelley do Next, Leaving Nitrous!? 

One of the most popular drivers and the biggest rival to Ryan Martin at the No Prep Kings championship must be Kye Kelley.

Those that have seen the older seasons of the Street Outlaws show remember this kid that brought his Nitrous powered Camaro to the street races and literally shocked the then unbeatable 405 team with his car that was aptly named The Shocker.

Back then it was Jackie’s Sonoma with Daddy Dave behind the wheel that was the only car that could stack against The Shocker and all of a sudden everybody knew the name Kye Kelley and they knew that this kid has a great future in racing in front of him.

Unfortunately, as we all know, while testing to race his way in, David Gates, a close friend of Kye Kelley crashed the famous Shocker, literally because they were in a hurry and decided not to walk the road that they are about to test on.

As expected, Kye was devastated over losing the Shocker and after the crash, he talked about it with so much emotion that he even said that he lost a part of his family in that crash.

Since then, he has sold his new car called The Showstopper to David Gates and has a brand new Camaro that he has been racing at the No Prep Kings Championship, and will continue to do so in the next season of the series.

His old Shocker meant so much to him that he used the very few usable parts from the chassis in his brand-new cars giving them the Shocker spirit in the process of trying to revive part of his legendary car.

As many times before, we catch up with Sim in order to find out what Kye Kelley is planning next so why don’t we play the video and let him tell us all about Kye’s new projects?

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