Kayla Morton Crashes into Kallee Mills at NPK Alabama!

Take a look at this, Kayla Morton Crashes into Kallee Mills at NPK Alabama!

Only a while ago, Kayla Morton managed to become only the second woman to win a No Prep Kings Invitational event and believe us she did it in style.

First, she defeated Ryan Martin, and if you have been following these events for more than an episode you would understand how big of a deal this is, especially since this year they have put a bounty on Ryan’s head that awards extra points depending on how far into the event you can defeat him.

So Kayla managed to grab this wad of cash as well as the $40,000 that comes with the Invitational win, as well as the famous acrylic trophy, and go home with a huge smile on her face.

We believe that Boosted has never been happier to award the trophy and the cash than the day that he got to give it to his girlfriend, knowing that she deserved this win for quite a while now.

However, today we bring you a video of the crash between Kayla and Kallee Mills and if that last name sounds familiar to you, well you might have heard of her father Dewayne Mills, a legend in the world of drag racing.

In the last few weeks, this is the second time that a girl in the left lane, loses control and crashes into the racer in the right lane.

A few weeks back, it was Kye Kelley’s fiancé Lizzy Mussi who crashed into Ryan Martin’s gray Fireball Camaro as soon as they both crossed the finish line at top speed for both cars.

Luckily, the gray Camaro had its shoots out, and they kept it planted from spinning out they both brought their cars to a safe stop, so check out how it all went down this time at the NPK Alabama event.

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