Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Red Light and No Brakes Car Racing Fails!

Check this, Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Red Light and No Brakes Car Racing Fails!

Sitting in eighth place with 330 points in the No Prep Kings Championship we have the only Nissan in the lineup driven by none other than Jon Odom.

While this is not the first or only “Japanese” car in the No Prep Kings Championship (Justin Swanstrom’s Lexus was the first one) it is certainly one of the most interesting ones since the GTR that Odom is driving has a screw blower on top of the engine, something that you don’t see on a Nissan GTR that often, since this is a factory twin turbo car, and many like to keep it that way.

In today’s video, we bring you his view of the Alabama event and how it all went down for him during this race from the NKP Championship.

As many other times, John Odom has the support of his family at the race track and this time even his mom is here to keep her fingers crossed for her son, as he tries to get to the top of the Great 8 and the Invitational race.

Both of these races will bring him more and more points, and this is important since the Great 8 has the top 8 in points racing against each other, possibly getting even more points and separating themselves from the rest of the group.

Believe it or not, John Odom has managed to get to the finals in the invitational race four times and it is only a matter of time before we will be able to see him lift the famous acrylic trophy and the $40,000 cash that these guys get after winning the finals.

So let us join Odom and his racing team as they go to Alabama to get some grudge racing done before the main event against Giuseppe Gentile and his car, The Vixen.

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