The Untold Truth About Ryan Fellows’ Death While Filming Street Outlaws!

Take a look at this, The Untold Truth About Ryan Fellows’ Death While Filming “Street Outlaws”!

We have said this many times.

Motorsport is dangerous.

There are just no two ways about it.

While the chassis builders are making huge leaps and bounds in the advancement of safety, the speed that these cars are traveling is getting bigger and bigger every season. So far the safety equipment keeps nearly all the accidents in check, however, from time to time all of these things fail.

Such was the day when during the filming of Street Outlaws Fastest in America, a racer by the name of Ryan Fellows lost his life.

This by itself is a very terrible event and our hearts and prayers go to the Fellows family.

However, the accident itself stirred quite a lot of questions when it comes to the safety of these races that are being organized by the producers of this popular show.

When the show started picking up popularity a few years ago, it was the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) that first started talking about the safety of these street races, and for a while, they were even threatening to take the racing licenses away from their members that participated in such events.

This would mean that if you held a racing license with the NHRA, racing in these filmed events might get you banned from racing at the track in official NHRA events and championships, something many racers would not risk.

Many other racing governing bodies have also expressed concern about these events however at the same time, the producers of these shows, tried to keep everybody calm and assure that every safety measures that could be taken were already in place for these events and the racers are as safe as they can be.

So why don’t we check out this video and find out what happened on that terrible night of street racing?

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