Did you Know Why Richard Rawlings Fire Tom And Jordan?

Did you Know Why Richard Rawlings Fire Tom And Jordan, now stars from Misfit Garage??

We all know Tom and Jordan from the popular Discovery TV Show Gas Monkey Garage and we all know that they had their issues with their boss Richard Rawlings.

In reality we all have those and the biggest difference is the fact that for nearly all of the fight with our boss is something that happens in our workplace and stays there, but for these guys a disagreement with their supervisor is something that goes on national TV for everybody to see.

In the video today they elaborate the good things about being fired by Richard Rawlings and also the reason that they got the boot, and yes some might actually comprehend this as them consoling each other or trying to tell themselves that they are better for it, but as they say, most of the famous people that made a name for themselves have been fired from their job at one point of their life.

Check out the video and find out what they did to get themselves of the show.

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