TWIN TURBO LSX C10 Truck Makes Huge Power on the DYNO!!

Check this, TWIN TURBO LSX C10 Truck Makes Huge Power on the DYNO!!

At first glance, this ’63 C10 looks like the main purpose of the built was looks and just looks, but once you take a closer peak under the um hood, or to be more exact into the engine bay, you start realizing that there is more to this truck than the shining rims and that impeccable stance.

This Chevy C10 is packing some serous heat with a LS motor and two huge turbo chargers that are here to make sure that V8 has enough air going into its lungs to push out a massive horsepower number.

How massive? Well the guys are here to find that out as they strap this superb looking truck to the dyno to find out the exact number.

And what a number it is, 1080 horsepower to the tire is something that will tell everybody that this truck means business and since this is the first run, it also points out that there is much more to be had from this setup.

Check out this amazing looking and immensely powerful C10 in the video HERE!


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