Last Ever No Prep Kings Race Held at this Historic Track this Season!!

Check this, Last Ever No Prep Kings Race Held at this Historic Track this Season!!

Street Outlaws, a popular reality show featuring street racing, has announced that the last ever No Prep Kings race will be held at Bandimere Speedway in Colorado this season. This historic track has been a staple of the No Prep Kings circuit since season two, but unfortunately, it will be closing down after this season ends in 2023 for all events and sanctioning bodies.

Bandimere Speedway is known for its premier facility, but it has always been a challenging track for racers due to the high altitude and poor air quality. The air is especially bad during the summer months when races are typically held, with DA levels reaching as high as 10,000 feet. These conditions make it difficult for all types of cars to perform, but boosted and turbocharged cars are particularly affected.

Despite the challenges, the No Prep Kings event at Bandimere Speedway has always been a fan favorite. The event is known for its drama, struggles, and intense racing action. In fact, four years ago, during season three, Big Chief won his only NPK event at Bandimere. This victory made the track even more legendary in the eyes of racing enthusiasts.

This season’s NPK event at Bandimere Speedway is scheduled for September 8th and 9th. Fans of the show are encouraged to get their tickets early since this will be the last opportunity to watch racing at this iconic track. With the announcement of the track’s closure, the event is expected to draw an even bigger crowd than usual.

It’s a big shame that Bandimere Speedway will be closing down, as it is a beautiful facility with stunning scenery. The track has been a significant part of the racing community for many years and has hosted some of the most exciting events in the No Prep Kings circuit. However, this is not an isolated case, as several tracks have been forced to close down over the years due to various reasons.

Last year, Palm Beach International Raceway, another historic track, also closed its doors. The closure of these tracks is a loss for the racing community, but the memories and the excitement generated from these venues will never be forgotten.

As the last ever No Prep Kings race approaches at Bandimere Speedway, fans and racers alike will surely make this an unforgettable event. The challenges of the high altitude and poor air quality will make the racing even more intense, and the potential for upsets and surprises is high. If you’re a fan of Street Outlaws or just a racing enthusiast in general, this is a must-see event. Get your tickets now and be part of the excitement as No Prep Kings makes its final appearance at this historic track.

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