Lucky To Be Alive, The Aftermath Of A Corvette Crash!

This guy should celebrate second birthday, Lucky To Be Alive, The Aftermath Of A Corvette Crash!

Over the years America has produced one of the finest sports cars in the world but one seems to stand out as the ultimate American dream.

This is a car of legends, and desires, throughout its existence it kept gaining popularity and at one time it was so popular that it was driven by astronauts as the ultimate American sports car.

However, all that power under the hood means that it will get you in trouble and not just with the law, this is a delicate beast that requires some lightning fast reaction in order to keep it pointed in the direction you want to travel.

This is a lesson that this guy learned the hard way unfortunately.

From what we gather from the bystanders, it appears that a lady with an SUV cut him off but by the looks of things and by the destruction that was caused, apparently he was going way above the speed limit.

All we know is, he is lucky to be alive, so check out the video and remember it next time you think of speeding.

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