Memphis Street Outlaw Chelsea Goes for a WILD Ride…

Check this, Memphis Street Outlaw Chelsea Goes for a WILD Ride…

Pretty much every time we see them they are strapping on their helmet and getting in their fireproof gear in order to travel the 1320 feet that mean the world to them, and this time it is no different as we follow Chelsea in her latest adventure.

Many of us don’t understand that these guys and girls risk much more than their pride whenever they get behind the wheel of their race car.

So this time we can sit back and watch one more race which unfortunately ends in a crash as Chelsea tries to keep the front end pointed at the finish line while racing on the streets.


In today’s race she did everything right, however on the big end things turned sideways and she had to do her best to keep the car in her lane and off the wall, and somehow she managed not to do either so check out how she did in the video bellow.

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