This MINT 2,300hp Chevelle Just STOMPED Everyone!

This MINT 2,300hp Chevelle Just STOMPED Everyone!

Usually we can’t wait to tell you to hit the play button but this time, we have to slow things down and tell you to take the necessary precaution before doing it, because this monster is incredibly loud, and if you are wearing headphones things might turn ugly, so make sure you turn the volume down before playing this amazing video.

Now that we have warned you let us tell you a thing or two about this incredible machine.

This great looking beast of a Chevelle is powered by a 572 big block, with a huge F-11 Blower slammed on top of it to make sure that big block never runs out of breath while chasing the cars in the next lane.

The video is made at the KOTS No-Prep and this guy is just destroying the competition in the unlimited class, while drinking huge amounts of methanol.

Check out the video and enjoy as this guy takes a huge risk on such a slippery track, and makes it all the way to the top.

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