Nasty 950hp Nitrous Camaro ZL1 Trolls a Honda CBR1000RR!

Nasty 950hp Nitrous Camaro ZL1 Trolls a Honda CBR1000RR!

We all know that one liter super sport bikes are one of the fastest machines you can get for that amount of money and  in a way they have kinda set the standard for what a fast and cheap vehicle is.

In reality there is rarely a car that can keep up with these two wheeled monsters of acceleration and the reason is simple, it all has to do with weight to power ratio, and the fact that the current CBR weighs less than 430 pounds, tells us that that thing will be hard to keep up with.

That is off course unless you are sitting behind a ZL1 Camaro, powered by nitrous, and capable of pushing out nearly one thousand horsepower. Then, it’s a different story and the whole setups turns a corner behind which the speed machine is getting trolled by something that is just not supposed to accelerate better than it.

 Check out this amazing video which shows a liter bike getting trolled by a car.

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