Never Before Seen 405 Street Outlaws Shootout!!!

Take a look at this, Never Before Seen 405 Street Outlaws Shootout!!!

Sim is super excited with a good reason.

The filming of the Street Outlaws Oklahoma has begun and there are photos being leaked from the actual road that these guys use to race in order to determine who will be the King of the 405.

However, in all that excitement he has still realized that it is better not to know too much about the events and the results of the race since that would really spoil the fun whenever we end up watching the actual show.

There are ways you can dig for information in order to paint somewhat of a picture about how the list racing is going but like he said, that would spoil the actual show, and the races will not be as fun.

There are many other topics that he talks about, like always and in order to find out what they are you have to play the video, because just like Sim, we’d hate to spoil things.



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