Street Outlaws Kamikaze Chris Wrecks The Elco!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Kamikaze Chris Wrecks The Elco!!!

Since he started these videos Sim has been one of the go-to guys that we all turn to when it comes to street racing news.

Over the years, (yes he has been doing this for years now) there have been many times when important stuff has happened and we would end up waiting on his view for quite a while until the new episode is uploaded.

For the first time he has decided to do a video which he calls a bonus video or an episode number 240.5, and there is a big reason for this.

Unfortunately, it is not a good reason.

The reason for thus unplanned episode is that a guy we all know and like, Kamikaze Chris, has gotten himself in a pretty bad accident with The El Camino AKA Elco.

The most important thing is that Kamikaze Chris is uninjured as you are about to see him standing next to the wrecked Elco.

So check out the bonus episode and let Sim tell you all about it in the video bellow.

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