No Prep Drag Racing Gets Sketchy in Indy!!!

Take a look at this, No Prep Drag Racing Gets Sketchy in Indy!!!

Today’s video takes us to the Midwest where we find the event Street Car Takeover which is held in Indianapolis Indiana, as the whole No Prep scene slowly awakens from winter hibernation to which the Covid-19 has added its ugly hold.

It has been a long spring which all of us disliked for many reasons and not being able to watch some good old racing is one of the biggest ones for us.

It seems however that most of that is behind us and now we get to rejoin the action as events start popping up left and right.

The event that is being held in Indy sees a huge turnout and there are some really fast cars here, and even as one of the participants says, I am nervous about this very fast lineup, and that is a very good reason to expect some great action in this video so sit back and enjoy.

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