No Prep Kings Season 4 vs Season 5 RULE CHANGES!!!

Check this, No Prep Kings Season 4 vs Season 5 RULE CHANGES!!!

In every racing championship in the world, changes are made to the rules regularly for many different reasons, and the top one usually is the safety of the drivers. Right next to that one, most of the changes that are made every year are the changes to keep one team or one type of vehicle from winning all the races all the time.

During last season before we even got to the halfway point, it was obvious that the procharged vehicles were doing much better than the rest of the pack with only a few of the other types of power adders winning a race here and there.

One of the easiest ways to correct this and get the race cars in a close battle is by changing the minimum weight that each vehicle has to meet depending on the type of power adder that has been installed on the engine.

To keep up with the rest of the modifications that these guys have started using at the track, aside from the power adders, all the cars that will not be using a lock-up converter will be able to drop additional weight from their race car in order to keep the field as close as possible.

These new rules will also include changes in the weight depending on the tire size that will be used, so it seems that the organizers have managed to include nearly all the advantages and disadvantages of the different cars and do their best to try and make the competition as close as possible.

Additionally, the right to protest somebody’s vehicle has been included in the rules along with a $500 protest fee which is common in most championships and should help settle all the bickering at the track as well as the driver meeting.

So check out the video and see all the other changes that we have going on for this new season.  

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