Serious CRASH And Wet Track Forces Round 3 Race To Be Postponed!!!

Check this, Serious CRASH And Wet Track Forces Round 3 Race To Be Postponed!!!

We are once again at the track where there are some problems heading our way and this time it is Barry Nicholson and the famous “Godfather” who get in trouble in the right lane, just as he passes the finish line and wins the race.

He was racing against no other than Chris Poncia in the left lane who unfortunately got out of shape as soon as he let go of the button and had to abort the run just as he started, to make sure that he will race another day.

With such a violent loss of grip before the car is even to the 60-foot mark, chances are that the other car is already way ahead and the smartest thing to do is abort the pass and cruise down to the finish line, instead of fighting the car all the way down the track and potentially ending up in the wall.

For Barry, on the other hand, the run was going opposite of the one that Chris had and he went down the track at speed losing the rear just a few moments before he crossed the finish line.

While there is no rain at the moment, the moisture in the air is so high it sticks to the track and causes tires to lose grip, sending the driver sideways as he seesaws left and right with the wheel trying to keep the car away from the wall.

Berry, unfortunately, did not have that option and ended up damaging the front end of the famous Godfather car, when he hit the right side wall at some pretty high speed.

So as always, let us tell you that Berry is fine and he was out of the car momentarily, trying to tell everybody that he is feeling good.

So check out this video and see how it all went down.

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