Ole Heavy hits the wall and a bad wreck JJ Da Boss Arm Drops!

Check this, Ole Heavy hits the wall and a bad wreck JJ Da Boss Arm Drops!

Back in the day in the Street Outlaws show, Big Chief and the rest of the 405 got a callout from the

Memphis racing team led by JJ Da Boss, and as they did with most of the other callouts, they decided to

head down to Memphis and race on the streets to see who gets to walk away as the fastest street racers

in the country.

Back then many of us did not even know who JJ Da Boss is, and by the looks of the guys from the 405,

neither did they, however, before the night was over many of them had massive respect for JJ Da Boss

and the rest of the Memphis crew.

If you remember, while racing on the streets JJ Da Boss pulled one of the most incredible wheelies we

had seen on the street anywhere and while he did get on the curb, he managed to get away without any

damage to the car.

All we can remember was the faces of everybody from the 405 as they were watching this crazy racer

from Memphis as he kept his car on the rear bumper for nearly the entire length of the street that they

were racing on.

After that run, he had Big Chief congratulate him and tell him that from then on he will have the utmost

respect for him and the entire crew, and he has kept that promise to this day.

It appears that after all the races and all the cars, there has not been much that has changed in the

Memphis crew and their leader JJ Da Boss, since today we catch up with him as he is doing the same


Check out this video that shows JJ Da Boss pulling a huge wheelie with Ole Heavy that unfortunately

ends with him scraping the wall.

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