JJ Da Boss First Pass in the NEW ZIPTIE 2022 Memphis Street Outlaws

Take a look at this, JJ Da Boss First Pass in the NEW ZIPTIE 2022 Memphis Street Outlaws!!

One of the most talked about racers in this past year has surely been JJ Da Boss along with his wife and

the rest of the Memphis crew.

While everybody’s eyes were on the terrible crash that JJ Da Boss and his wife had during the filming of

America’s List, all we could hope for is a fast recovery.

Soon after JJ’s car caught on fire, sending him into his wife’s Ziptie causing a massive crash that left her

pretty banged up, these guys appeared on the show and shocked everybody by repairing his car and

getting him right back in the seat.

We all know that these guys are hardcore street racers, but few of us believed that they will find a way

to get that car fixed so fast and even manage to get it running up the list again.

Not only that, but for a minute or two, JJ and the MSO managed to get his car all the way to the top

spot, fighting off guys like Ryan Martin to stay at the top of America’s List, something that nobody

expected once we first saw the fiery crash and the demise of both cars.

Because of her injuries, Tricia Day was in no hurry to get back to racing and all she could do is help the

team with their Street Outlaws Endgame build, however, during this time the MSO crew was working on

getting Ziptie back in the races, be it on the street or at the track.

Now we get to see the old girl back in action at the arm drop race in Alabama where it is debuting once

again in front of a huge crowd that came to see some racing.

So check out the video and see the new and improved Ziptie as JJ Da Boss makes the first official run

behind the wheel.

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