Great 8 Final Robin Roberts vs John Odom on Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Bandimere Speedway!

Take a look at this, Great 8 Final Robin Roberts vs John Odom on Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Bandimere Speedway!

Located outside of Morrison Colorado, the Bandimere Speedway also known as Thunder Mountain has been operational since 1958 and has seen every different championship that you can think of pas thru its strip.

Today we are headed there to check out the action from the finals from the Great 8 as Robin Roberts and John Odom start staging to see who will get to the finish line faster and grab the 20 points that come with the win.

It is the second week in a row that we don’t see Ryan Martin in the finals and while his fans might not like it, the fact that we have different people winning these events only shows how competitive this entire field of No Prep racers is.

The event began with a great matchup between Ryan Martin and Justin Swanstrom, a duel that is never boring to watch, while John Odom had some great luck since Lizzy Musi could not make the call so Odom got the first-run bye.

Not to take anything away from John Odom, but during the semi-finals, he got the win because Ryan Martin went red on the starting line which automatically gave the win to Odom.

Some might say that Robin Roberts is here to avenge Ryan Martin one of his closest buddies and a guy that has been helping him tune his car for years, put Odom out of the finals, but while Odom has been lucky getting to the finals, he is still a very tough competitor and we are sure that Robin and Ryan have been punching away at the keyboard to get Robin’s car to the finish line faster.

So check out this Great 8 final from Thunder Mountain and see if John Odom can get to his first Great 8 win in his career or will Roberts turn on the winning light.

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