JJ Da Boss Tricia First Ride in Ziptie Nova After the Crash!!!

Take a look at this, JJ Da Boss Tricia First Ride in Zip Tie Nova After the Crash!!!

After long time, almost a year, Zip Tie Nova is back on the street. Tricia JJ’s wife tested on the street in front of their house. 

The Zip Tie Nova sounds angry as f!

For all of you who don’t know what happens to Zip Tie let us explain.

once again the terrible accident that the Memphis crew had to go thru on this season of America’s List when JJ Da Boss and his wife crashed into each other after going across the finish line.

As many of you know by now, an oil spill caused a fire inside JJ’s car and in the confusion, he swerved and hit Tricia’s car pushing it into the staff cars that were parked to absorb the impact in the concrete barrier.

This terrible accident left Tricia with quite a few injuries while JJ has some severe burns to his face and hands.

In their case, you can say that they were lucky to be alive, and they are only because of the safety gear doing its job and saving their lives in these terrible crashes that left them shaken and stirred.

So to not stall you too much, check the video bellow and hear the sound of rebuilded Zip Tie Nova!

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