Street Outlaws – Bobby Ducote’s New Car Incident at Tucson No Prep Kings & Aftermath!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws – Bobby Ducote’s New Car Incident at Tucson No Prep Kings & Aftermath!

In case you might have missed it, Bobby Ducote revealed his brand new car this weekend in Tuscon.

Unfortunately, on the very fourth pass of the weekend and on the car in general, he ended up wrecking


When asked about the reason, a stuck throttle was blamed, and according to the team that was the

reason why he ended up striking the right wall during the race between him and Boddie Jr.

While the most important thing as always is to have the driver walk out of the car and be unharmed as

in the case with Bobby Ducote, we are also sad to see his brand new car get damaged like that.

We are sure that the damage will be taken care of as soon as possible and he will be back at the next No

Prep Kings event, however, we wish we could have seen much more of that procharged combo of his

that is supposed to be very fast and should put the competition on notice.

Usually with a brand new car, there is a testing or shakedown period that is going to show you all the

small problems that the car has, unfortunately for Bobby, the stuck throttle problem seemed to be

much bigger in the end, instead of a sensor being swapped here and there.

There have been rumors that this is actually the car that Scott Taylor owned, the Track Doe, however, as

we know, that vehicle has been sold to a different person, and while both cars are the same model car,

and have the same power adder, this is not the Track Doe.

So as always check out the video and find out more about what happened to Bobby Ducote on his

fourth pass and how bad the damage is, and what are the plans for this brand new car.

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