ProMod Randy Crashes his Mustang!

Take a look at this, ProMod Randy Crashes his Mustang!

Piedmont dragway in North Carolina is where we are headed to bring you this story, of misfortune that

had struck the famous ProMod racer.

As always we would like to report that Randy has not sustained any injuries and he only bruised up his

ego, so that is the most important thing when it comes to this type of situation.

His Foxbody Turbo Mustang was fresh out of the TKM hub dyno where they made some massive

horsepower improvements however, it seems that the whole extra power that he got was a bit short-


With a massive 118mm turbocharger, this Mustang is packing some serious power and was going to be

one of the toughest competitors at the Piedmont Dragway, however, that was all before disaster struck.

While everybody calls him ProMod Randy, the fact is that while as fast, this Mustang is not a ProMod,

instead it is a real street car.

Many might argue this but we have faith in the owners and when they tell us that it is not a ProMod, we

tend to believe them, well until proven otherwise, like in the case of Reaper from Street Outlaws.

If you don’t remember, back in the day, before he got kicked off the list, it was Reaper himself that tried

to squash rumors about his ride being a street car or a ProMod, and upon a closer inspection from the

other drivers, it turned out that as was often the case with him, Reaper did not follow the rules when it

comes to building a street car, instead, he tore off a page of the ProMod building manual, and kinda

overlaid a street car on top.

So before we stray away from the subject even more, please check out this crash and see how badly

Randy messed up his fast Mustang.

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