Ryan Martin Vs Lizzy Musi end in a crash on Street Outlaws NPK in Tucson!!

Check this, Ryan Martin Vs Lizzy Musi end in a crash on Street Outlaws NPK in Tucson!!

Yesterday we brought you a video that showed Ryan Martin winning the Great 8 finals against Jerry Bird

and we thought that this will give Ryan extra momentum for today’s invitational race.

At the moment the Nola couple Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley are the only ones that can put Ryan’s

championship in danger just like last year when they did not manage to keep the gray Fireball Camaro

behind them at the races.

This time it appears that Lizzy is determined to get the win and provide Kye with some much-needed

assistance in the battle for point collection, however, this might get her too hyped up and cause her to

drive the car faster than safely possible.

As you may or may not know, it was a final like no other and instead of the usual suspects, we had Kyla

Morton and John Odom racing for the $ 40,000 prize.

While Kyla Morton had proven to be the fastest car in the competition, we believe that the fastest car

on the property is featured in the video that we are bringing you, so in a way, this is the finals before the

finals since these two are the cars to beat at Tucson this weekend.

So there is no doubt that both of these drivers are going to be turning their cars all the way up, risking a

very dangerous loss of grip or at least a tire shake which may get them out of the race and the entire


After this weekend we still have Ryan Martin at the top of the leaderboard with 500 points, being

followed, not so closely, by Kye Kelley with 380 points, and then it’s Lizzy Musi from Justin Swanstrom

with Scott Taylor rounding up the top five.

So let us check out the race and see who gets in trouble at the big end.

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