Take a look at this, JJ DA BOSS AXMZN SNOOK A NEW CAR IN ON US!!

Let’s join JJ Da Boss and the rest of the Memphis crew on their quest to conquer Virginia for the arm-

drop event that JJ organized in Axman’s country.

As the MSO guys try to do a small walk-around video to show us all the cool cars that they are about to

face off, we saw something that caught our eye.

We all remember the Dirty Thirty, the car that Axman brought out for the Street Outlaws Endgame

competition, however sitting right next to it is something that none of us have seen in Axman’s garage

so far, and yet it has his signature on the head covers.

While Axman is trying to keep the cameramen away, all we can see is a beautiful Barracuda with a huge

ax sticking out of the back, now that is a great way to let everybody know who owns that car.

Unfortunately, we did not get a full detailed update by Axman on what is the power plant inside that

nasty-looking ‘Cuda, and we can’t wait to hear what Axman has to say about it, but from the brief look,

we could see a huge Procharger stuck to the front of that engine.

Luckily, the video doesn’t end there and right after the Dirty Thirty we saw what looks like a familiar

face and it appears to be Brent (Megalodon) Austin and his silver Camaro. Brent Austin and Larry

“Axman” Roach have been close for a while since these guys both come from Virginia and we all know

how fast the Megalodon and Axman’s cars have been on the same combo, a Procharged Proline engine.

So why don’t we join the MSO crew and their video and see what is going on in Virginia at the JJ arm-

drop event, where plenty of teams have shown up to try and grab the first place.

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