Ryan Martin Vs Jerry Bird Great 8 Final Street outlaws No prep kings Tucson, AZ!

Check this, Ryan Martin Vs Jerry Bird Great 8 Final Street outlaws No prep kings Tucson, AZ!

We are headed to Tucson Dragway where for the second time this season we find Jerry Bird in the finals

of the Great 8, trying to get his first event, and staging on the right of him is no other than Ryan Martin

who is in the finals for the eight time, chasing after his sixth event win this year.

The weekend did not start great for Ryan Martin who had to be rushed to the emergency room after

what he says was bad food poisoning. While he has been cleared to race we are sure that Jerry Bird is

hoping that the treatment might have given Ryan a slower reaction time, because we all know that he

needs it if he wants to get to the first win of the season.

If Ryan wins, it will be his fourth Great 8 win in a row and that would also give him some great

momentum towards tomorrow’s invitational race where he is going to be battling the rest of the field,

and not just the top eight drivers.

For Jerry, a win would be more than huge since we all know that the NOLA guys are doing whatever they

can to gain some momentum hoping it would carry the rest of their team, Kye Kelley especially, towards

a much better performance in the invitational race.

At the moment, Ryan has a massive points advantage over Kye Kelley and we are sure that the NOLA

boys and girl are hoping to put Martin out in the first round in order to deny him the points of going in

the second round, or even the finals.

So let’s sit back and watch the finals of the Great 8 and see if Ryan will keep dominating the field of No

Prep Kings racing, or can the Bird brothers and their blue Probe do something about it.

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